Who are we?

MyDentalLeads is a team of professionals from various fields of digital marketing, with experiences spanning across various industries.

This small, passionate team was carved out of our parent full-suite digital marketing firm, RenegadeCommerce, after we worked with a dental clinic.

After a few failed attempts, we finally found a system that worked perfectly to bring this clinic tons of leads and convert as many of them into paying clients.

The striking thing however is how far from typical the results we got were.

IF you truly offer quality dental care, then there’s a market for You!

These results only showed how untapped the dental market still is, as we discovered that the average human needs some sort of “motivation” before they make the decision to visit a dentist.

This motivation (our campaign) is built around the famous psychology triggers of reciprocity, commitment and consistency, scarcity, authority, liking, and social proof.

Since then, we’ve further developed this system to get even better results.

We are however strict in our selection of dental practices to work with. We have to be sure that our partner clinics can truly deliver on excellence before we choose to work with them.


By the reason of our strict selection and the impossibility of competing with ourselves, there’s a degree of EXCLUSIVITY in our dealings with our partner-clinics.

We can’t possibly promote two dental clinics in the same area or locality to the same audience and expect to get any good result. For this reason, we can only work with one clinic per area – of course, the best in the area.

Because…At MyDentalLeads, we believe the best practices should win!

If you are one, click the button below and let’s meet (and help) you!

Our Working Process